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Luscombe Drinks

Luscombe Drinks have been making beautiful drinks
since 1997 on their family farm in Devon.

Each drink is crafted with exceptional care and integrity with the ingredients sourced direct from growers they trust. To get the best produce they take the time to talk to the growers and suppliers and provide them with the best of their crop.

A few weeks ago the lovely Helen from Luscombe Drinks popped into our office to tell the team about their wonderful drink ranges that they have to offer. We love supporting brands and businesses who have a passion for their products.

Their ingredients and fruits are grown worldwide, with the UK growing Apples and Elderflowers. Lemons and Oranges from Sicily, and Williams pears from France.

This is a well known company that has a wide range of drinks for everyone to try. However, we have selected the most popular drinks across the ranges.

  • Sicilian Lemonade
  • Elderflower Bubbly
  • Raspberry Crush
  • Hot Ginger Beer
  • Cool Ginger Beer
  • Damascene Rose Bubbly
  • Sparkling Apple Crush
  • St Clements
  • Devon Apple Juice
  • Orange Juice

Please contact us at Roberts Food Service to find out more information on the different ranges that Luscombe do. Our friendly staff will be happy to help. Or for our similar ranges of drinks.

Follow Luscombes on twitter: @luscomedrinks

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