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We specialise in numerous types of locally produced cheeses, all with their own distinctive tastes and flavours. Some of our specialist cheeses currently hold the ‘British Cheese Award’ as well as ‘The Cheese Lovers Trophy’.

Dorset Blue Vinny 

The unique Dorset Blue Vinny Cheese is made at Woodbridge Farm, in the heart of Dorset near Sturminster Newton. It is an pasteurised cheese, made with milk from their own herd of Friesian cows. Mike Davis resurrected the recipe some 30 years ago- they are the only producers of Dorset Blue Vinny, and hold the protected geographical indication (pgi) for the cheese.

Dorset Dairy Produce- Dorset Blue


Fords Farm

The cheese they make on the Ashley Chase Estate is instantly recognisable by the ‘Ford Farm’ brand. Many of our cheeses have been awarded Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status. This means that when you chose their cheese, you can be assured that it is an authentic West Country Cheddar, made in its own historical region and in keeping with tradition.

James’s Cheese

James discovered his passion for cheese in 1988 aged 16. After working closely with cheese producers and sellers he decided it was time to start to create his own cheese, so in 2009 he moved to beautiful Dorset.

He has been working with Lyburn Cheese and Chalke Valley Cheese and together they have developed a new and exciting range of British washed rind cheeses. These cheeses are made at Lyburn and Chalke Valley dairies and matured in his specialised washed rind maturing room in Child Okeford, Dorset. James Cheeses


Craig’s Farm DairyCraigs farm Dairy logo

The Craig Family have been farming on the Jurassic Coast since 1967.

Their aim is to produce the highest quality milk from their own cows in the most environmentally friendly way with animal welfare at the top of their priorities. The cows are fed on a natural diet of grass and clover the summer, spring and autumn. With this natural diet and relaxed atmosphere our cows produce milk which is rich and creamy.

All the milk is pasteurised & processed on the farm which has given them total traceability from start to finish. We are able to provide Whole, Semi-Skimmed, and Skimmed Milk in a variety of different sizes for our wide customer base

Dorset Dairy Co

The Dorset Dairy Co is a new venture based in the Blackmore Vale set up by Dan and Alex to process the milk from the family dairy farm. They make strained yoghurt, more widely known as Greek or “Greek-Style” Yoghurt, but with a Dorset twist.

Dorset Strained Yoghurt is created using nothing but natural ingredients and traditional techniques. Containing only milk (over three litres for every litre of yoghurt!) and carefully selected live bio cultures, they produce a yoghurt that is thick, creamy and packed with dairy goodness yet low in sugar.15037246_734494430040277_535916571634562706_n

Their yoghurt makes for a tasty yet healthy breakfast but is also versatile ingredient. It is intended for the health conscious consumer who is willing to pay a premium for a healthier product with a clear provenance. They currently make the yoghurt on Mondays and pot it on Tuesdays from which point the product has a 3 week shelf life.

There are currently two varieties of yoghurt that they do, whole milk and fat free.  They come are available as a snack pot, family tub or a catering tub.

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