Roberts Food Service Weekly Specials June 2017

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16th May 2017
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12th July 2017
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Firstly, we hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday Monday and are enjoying the beautiful weather and everything Dorset has to offer. Now that we are back to normal, we have put together some awesome special offers. We have decided to run these specials for two weeks be sure you get your hands on these products and stock up your freezer and shelves.

As we are passionate about Dorset produce! We also have one Local product on our weekly specials. Marshfield Real Dairy Icecream is our Dorset Product this week

To find out more information about these offers including prices please contact the office on 01305 267275!

Roberts Food Service Weekly Specials
June 2017
Product Size
Essential Cuisine Premier Chicken Jus 1ltr
Essentail Cuisine Signature Chicken Jus 1ltr
Essential Cuisine Pork Glace 600gm
Essential Cuisine Hollandaise sauce 1ltr
Macphie Hollandaise sauce 1ltr
Maggi Golden Gravy 2kg
Maggi Original Gravy 2kg
Knorr Chicken Stock Cubes 60’s
Knorr Beef Stock Cubes 60’s
Knorr White Roux 1kg
Whole Milk Jiggers 120’s
Popping Corn 500gm
Marshfield Real Dairy Icecream All Flavours 4ltr
Tunnock’s Chocolate teacakes 36’s

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Chocolate teacake

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